Advice from Former Participants about Arrival

I was lucky to meet some people upon my arrival who has become real friends of mine and who made my first month in America unforgettable. So don't be afraid, even if u're tend to be homesick, that won't last for long. While you are in home country, try to do your best in improving English speaking skills cause it's gonna help u a lot. All the Americans are very friendly and always ready to help, you just need to be able to explain what kind of problem u have.  Travelling to America is an amazing chance to understand who u are and who u want to be. Nobody knows you here and doesn't have any stereotype about u yet, so that's the perfect chance to be yourself.  I never meet any person for this month who might have regretted about his/her decision to come here. Sometimes you may feel a little upset or uncomfortable, but always remember that these bad things is an important part of turning you into a great grown-up person, who can get along with almost anyone, and who can deal with her/his problems without any additional help.  - Anastasiia from Ukraine

The first thing i would recommend to future participants is not to be scared!  It's a great place to spend your summer, acquire some skills, meet new friends and travel.  People here are very friendly and outgoing so they will always help you to find the right way, answer some questions and even treat you some food or beverage.  But you should make sure that you have a place to settle in on arriving and money for the first time.  Be ready to spend around 50$ for cell phone card (it is an important thing, because you will have to keep in touch with your employer and the internet is always available).  Dont bring a lot of clothes with you.  You should better bring some food.  It will really help you first time. That's it :) - Veronika from Ukraine

Using Greyhound, Amtrak and Megabus together may give you better prices. Mostly they are comfy and safe, but it is better to watch while waiting in bigger cities stations (especially NYC one). Long stop in any city may be nice experience, if you're really interested in traveling. Using services like Couchsurfing to find a place to stay will give you a cultural experience you're looking for. Also, don't forget to ask about ISIC discount anywhere you go :) - Kyrylo from Ukraine

The advice that I would have to give anyone who desires to come to the United States is, it may be challenging at first to get settled especially if it is your first time away from family and friends, but a week in a comfortable environment and meeting new people; persons from various cultures and different personalities, will get one in a attitude to work, be successful and have a fabulous time in the United States. - Anna-Kaye from Jamaica

The only thing i would recommend future participants is to book bus tickets in advance.We didn't manage to buy them when were in Ukraine and when we arrived to New York there was no tickets available to Virginia Beach.So we had to spend a night in New York.And of course dont forget to find apartment for the first time.Planning your future trip thoroughly is the best thing you can do. - Vasyl from Ukraine

Now that I am a bit settled in the country the advice that I have for future participants is that they should have and open mind when coming to the United States, because even though their agents have given them guidelines on how things will be they should still bare in mind that things might not work out accordingly. So they should be prepared for just about anything. - Shanna-Kaye from Jamaica

Well, first of all, i would advice to take more cash, because here is no use of your Ukrainian debit card, i mean, of course , you can pay with it in stores, but mostly here you will need cash, and your Ukrainian bank will charge you much. Secondly be ready to pay huge deposit for your apartment. In general, calm down and don't worry, you'll definitely have wonderful time here :) - Sofiia from Ukraine

The cultural experience is good. It is okay to be your self when living or sharing in a setting with others whom you have never met however, always bare in mind that at all times you must consider the other person you share with. In some sense that person literally becomes your family differently from those back home. We must look out for each other at all times. - Kreshna from Jamaica

I cannot give an advice for future participants because they need to live this I mean the flight, the arrival, starting to work, the people here and the treatment they give to you, everything is so interesting for me. And if they worry about something they shouldn't, because E-point are so polite and if we have a problem they will certainly will find a solution for it :) - Bozhidar from Ukraine

I would advice the future participants to load themselves with patience because the fight is really tiring and to get enough rest before the flight. When they get to the States everything will seem new and strange but the local people are always helpful and nice which will reduce the stress of climate change. In other words - nothing to be worried about, folks!  - Teodora from Ukraine

I would advice future participants to make a good plan before traveling to the USA, prepare oneself for a little cultural shock, as the life here really differs from the one in Ukraine or Europe generally) Also, to take only necessary comfortable things with while traveling, and be sure you are ready for learning new..much much new! - Yaryna from Ukraine

Prepare yourself physically and mentally because working here can be a challenge and you might be forced out of your comfort zone. On the flip side, working here is a good experience and helps you with intercultural communication and broadens your perspective on a hold so come with an open mind. - Dominique from Jamaica

My advise for future participants will be that always be abreast/ aware of your surroundings. Make the best of your will be working but at thesame time have a little fun and get to know other persons while getting acquainted. Try and enjoy the culture experience as best as possible. - Shawn-Ann from Jamaica

My advise to others would be to make sure they take money to survive on until they get settled. I would also advised persons to prepare themselves mentality to adjust to living with people that you do not know who's personalities may be very different from yours. - Sonya from Jamaica

For future participants I may give an advice to find how to get to the housing and job from aeroport with the help of internet before traveling and also to find out some information about future job in order to have some general knowledge about it. - Nataliia from Ukraine

Be ready that there will not be everything that you want and think must be.  But they must to know that after one-two weeks everything will be ok).  Be ready that at the first time you will not have a house for rent, spend a lot of money for food - Olha from Ukraine

My advise to potential students would be, don't wait too long to make changes or inform the heads about your uncomfortable situations and ensure to comply to all rules, also make sure to ask questions instead of doing the wrong thing. - Tamara from Jamaica

Never lose heart,and always be confident. Bus tickets need to be bought in advance. And housing also need look forward, to when you come to America you knew where you go, because it's the long way and all students so tired. - Khrystyna from Ukraine

its important to inform your employer when exactly U coming in USA , so when u came to work he will know it . And it is better to find place where to stay at home , so when u just arrive U have where to live - Andrii from Ukraine

Advice for future participants is that always be in the know, check emails from your host agency and sponsor frequently, and comply with the rules and regulations that governs the work and travel program. - Kimoi from Jamaica

My advice is about bicycle.  I had one unpleasant situation, my seat from bicycle was stolen, so I can just advice that students should be attentive and take your seat with yourself, how I'm doing it now) - Oksana from Ukraine

Be open and willing to learn and ensure you at least do a little background check on wherever you're going just to familiarize yourself with the place, rules and state laws which vary per state. - Treveko from Jamaica

My advice to future participants is to be prepared for any thing by developing an open mind into having a wonderful and educated experience whilst adjusting to the new environment. - Rah-Shawnna from Jamaica

My advice for future participants would be to travel with someone who has already been on the program because they help you with things you may not understand and help you get settled. - Jessica from Jamaica

I would suggest that they request to be given all the required information, so too all new updates, in a concise manner in an effort to reduce the possibility of surprises upon arrival.  - Marlon from Jamaica

It is important to plan your trip. Learn bus schedule, also good to have a map of the city.  Really important to have some food and charged cellphone. Try to plan your trip in details. - Mariia from Ukraine

For future participants I would advice them to be prepared for a new environment, especially if its weather is cold, and from there on it should be a fun learning experience. - Amelia from Jamaica

I advise future participants do not be afraid, to think in advance where you will live and work.No matter what I want to say , this will be the best summer of their lives)! - Anastasiya-Mariya from Ukraine

They have to choose their main jobs wisely because there are a lot of friends who get fired in their first weeks and they should find a shop that they can buy cheap food. - Ibrahim from Turkey

I think you need a few things. should take comfortable shoes for work, this is important. Everything else can be bought here. need for home just plates and cups.  - Kateryna from Ukraine

Participants who come to USA for first time should plan the way to cities where they will work very carefully. It's easy to find more safety and comfortable transport. - Ivan from Ukraine

The advice i have for future participants is to come prepared and open minded to have a fun filled experience while gaining incite on the American culture. - Tiffany from Jamaica

For future participants of the program I may give the advice to learn more about the place they will be living and working at and how to get there. - Nadiia from Ukraine

my advice for future participants is to take a lot of money for the first time, to prevent all outgoings for the time till you will get your first salary. - Anastasiya from Ukraine

My advice to them will be to come prepared to work hard and just have a wonderful time getting to know the new environment they will be in. - Ackeem from Jamaica

Very simple thing, but so useful - Rain coat. When you must go on your job on your bicycle and it is raining, even umbrella doesn't help you.  - Oksana from Ukraine

Students should be careful with their bikes and buy chain with lock immediately. The bike is the best way to ride for a job in Virginia Beach. - Sofia from Ukraine

i can say to people who will come here Williamsburg is very hot but sometimes there is rainy like today and don't bring a lot of clothes here - Mete from Turkey

My advice is that they should prepare fully before arriving in the States and try their best to gain all the cultural experiences they can. - Shantelle from Jamaica

My advice is to ask previous participant which were in the same city and worked in the same working order to be at least not shocked. - Sofiya from Ukraine

Be prepared; not all States are very cold but its best to be prepared also in terms of how many and what clothing items are brought. - Delrick from Jamaica

I would advice individuals to ensure all documents are kept close. That they be respectful, hopeful and open to new experiences. - Renese from Jamaica

I would advice them to ask their job offer to help to find a suitable house or to look for the house by themselves beforehand. - Diana from Ukraine

My advice for the future participants is to clarify your duties and ask for the full information of your future job, city, housing. - Svitlana from Ukraine

The advise that I would give to future participates would be to work very hard while here and get a lot of sleep - Peter-Paul from Jamaica

Make sure to Google the area to find out about weather conditions.  Also be ready to work and be optimistic. - Nikeisha from Jamaica

The best thing to do beforehand is to find a suitable apartments. Maybe managers will have a possibility to help. - Liliya from Ukraine

What about housing i should say that the best variant is find place to stay before you start your W&T trip to USA. - Oleh from Ukraine

Do your cultural research about the culture differences and adjust oneself accordingly, once you are settled. - Nashana from Jamaica

Do not work by the end of summer, in the US there are many famous places, you have the chance to visit them - Yurii from Ukraine

My advice for future participants would be to work hard, be optimistic, and always travel with extra money. - Ashane from Jamaica

Come to USA, it very good leisure time. I don't know what I must write :-) but it's really cool summer in my life.  - Nazar from Ukraine

I have only one advice to take some food for first weeks cause it take time to find good store with cheep food - Liliya from Ukraine

I have only one: give some options about renting an apartments, because it was the hardest thing to find it. - Andrii from Ukraine

Always be nice to everyone, don't panic on your first days of work, just give it time, you will get used to it. - Kaloyan from Ukraine

My advice to future student would be have an open mind in relation to culture and individuals way of life. - Roxan from Jamaica

The best advice that I can give to other participants is to don't be scared, smile and people smile to you - Roman from Ukraine

To find housing as close as possible to your working place and have a good mood all the time)) - Anastasiia from Ukraine

Save your money, bus fare is expensive especially if you work a fair distance from where you live - Larnelle from Jamaica

I advise that future participants come with realistic expectations and a positive work attitude. - Chevanice from Jamaica

I'd advise to take more warm clothes, because in the coast cities are cold. I mean May and June. - Yuliia from Ukraine

Check your emails regularly. Seriously.  And call home. You get homesick pretty quickly. - Alandrea from Jamaica

Try to learn as much as possible and remember to share your culture and make friends - Albert from Jamaica

do not take a lot of clothes and listen to their supervisors then everything will be fine ;) - Vasyl from Ukraine

Just don't be surprised that everyone is so nice to you. It's a part of American culture. - Olha from Ukraine

I advice to take some products, create a route to the destination from airport. - Viktoriia from Ukraine

Try to research as much about the surrounding as possible before arriving. - Sammar from Jamaica

Communication and new relations with others will help solve many problems ;) - Yurii from Ukraine

I'd advise to use couchsurfing service and take with you more warm clothes. - Mariia from Ukraine

Not to be afraid to discover USA because it's unforgettable experience - Tetiana from Ukraine

Be sure that they can start working without SSN , (only with receipt) ;) - Yuliana from Ukraine

I would recommend to travel and visit as many places as they can. - Ivan from Ukraine

Take more cash , reserved apartment early and haven't any fair - Mykola from Ukraine

To take a lot of food for the first time, and some warm clothes - Oksana from Ukraine

I would advice others to travel prepared for the unexpected. - Crystal from Jamaica

Always ask questions when you don't understand something - Demar from Jamaica

Just not no be afraid. It's very easy to find job or house here)) - Yuriy from Ukraine

Enjoy your work and travel experience, be smart and save. - Erricka from Jamaica

Do not forgot to take any devices like phone or tablet. - Anastasiya from Ukraine

Apply for your social security number as soon as possible - Carlisa from Jamaica

Keep calm do everything that you said in job and get fun - Andriy from Ukraine

I advise not to be afraid being here, and have a strong will - Liliia form Ukraine

Follow the rules and work hard for your money. - Shamoya from Jamaica

dont be scared,american people like to help you . - Yaryna from Ukraine

Try to find apartment before they will come to USA - Liliia from Ukraine

Take tickets from NY to VB earlier than trip day=) - Oleh from Ukraine

If you are going to Maryland, bring warm clothes) - Yuliia from Ukraine

Just to be strong and believe that all will be ok. - Sofiya from Ukraine

my advice to them is come with an open mind. - Oroy from Jamaica

I would like them to visit Boston and New York - Illia from Ukraine

Just to be strong and have good will))) - Anastasiia from Ukraine

First thing u should have is self-support! - Yevhen from Ukraine

Do not worry about adapting to the USA - Andrii from Ukraine

Need take friends, its will be better - Oleksandr from Ukraine

Buy bus tickets online before your trip - Marta from Ukraine

Don't think, just do. You will love it! - Antonina from Ukraine

be ready to have fun - Marianna & Kateryna from Ukraine

Stay calm and think positive ;) - Anastasiya from Ukraine

Do not afraid to apply on w&t. Its cool - Ed from Ukraine

Travel and enjoy the summer. - Boryslav from Ukraine

Bring more money from home) - Vadym from Ukraine

Be friendly and don't be a shy. - Yuliia from Ukraine

Be careful and don't panic - Yuriy from Ukraine

Don't afraid first week. :) - Andrii from Ukraine

Take vitamins - Gillisa from Jamaica